26 May 2017

Azerbaijan National History Museum

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Azerbaijan National History Museum, Baku

If you wish to feel the ancient city, see its famous relics and hear stories of the Azerbaijan nation, then you will not find a better place than Azerbaijan National History Museum located in Baku.

The building itself is a cultural monument; the luxurious palace was constructed at the end of the 19th century by Gaji Zeynalabdin Tagiev, a well-known patron of arts and philanthropist.

In 1921 the museum first opened to the public. Since then they have been gathering the unique collection. Today it stores more than 300 000 units of artifacts. Among them are historical documents that influenced the destiny of the state, weapons, house utensils of the medieval people, jewelry, clothing, exquisite hand-made carpets, old books and many others.

Due to the scale of the collection, visitors may see only its small part although the area of the exhibition hall is impressive. It stretches for 3000 square km. Exhibits presented in the museum reflect the history of the country from the early epochs up to now. The exposition is divided into 6 departments: ancient and medieval centuries, new age, modern age, numismatics, ethnography as well as “science and education department”.

Today the museum is a large scientific center. There is a lab for restoration of rarities, production group and research committee on exposition completion.

Discover the rich history of this beautiful land along with professional guides of the museum, take a tour to the dawn of the Azerbaijan history and these memories will long stay with you.

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