26 May 2017

Shirvanshah Palace

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Shirvanshah Palace, Baku

Shirvanshah Palace, BakuShirvan Dynasty Palace Complex is a jewel in the crown of Azerbaijani architecture. It was erected there in the 15 th century (when Shirvan residence moved from Shemakha to Baku ). The complex comprises the two-storey palace building, the tomb, the mosque, the divankhane, the Mausoleum of Seiid Yakhya Bakuvi, the bath house, the East Portal and Murad’s Gate (15 th century). When looking at the Palace Complex from far offshore you will clearly notice that it descends stepwise from Baku Hill top, i.e. the Palace Complex’s three main structures occupy three levels. The well-shaped buildings crowned by domes, decorated by unique drawings made in fine and deep carvings, the magnificent masonry – all these together delight the eyes of those who come there in order to admire the Middle Age craftsmen’s work.

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